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Bad Twin is a Good Read

   Recently, someone said to me "Yeah. I heard about that book. The author disappeared in a plane crash before it was even published!"

  Pretty funny! Someone's plan was working. LOST fans, of course, know that Oceanic Airlines is the name of the airline in the show and the author named on the book jacket is the fictional author named in LOST. Bad Twin was first featured in LOST when Hurley picked up the manuscript and said "Hey! Check this out!"
  Sawyer was later seen enjoying the manuscript near a fire and had it nearly figured out with like 10 pages left before bad old Jack throws the pages into the fire demanding to be led to the guns. Sawyer frantically pulls the burning pages from the fire, before Jack points his gun at him and screams "Take us to the guns, now!!" Sawyer finally agrees, not because Jack is pointing a gun at him and screaming, but because Jack's eyeballs are each pointing in different directions.
  I know why Sawyer likes the book. It's got mystery, action, deceit, murder, fast boats, yoga instructors, rich people, world travel and a very attractive detective from Australia. The central figure is a private eye by the name of Paul Artisan. I don't know the real name of the author, but he reminds me a little bit of Lawrence Sanders (but it isn't him).
  You don't have to know anything about LOST to read the book, but there are reminders throughout the book that the story occurs in the LOST universe. Many of the main characters are part of the Widmore family: a family with apparently Scottish roots that has was featured in LOST during the finale with Penny, but much earlier with the building in the Fire & Water episode, the pregnancy test in The Whole Truth and even the real Henry's balloon.

  There is a connection between the Widmores and the Hanso Foundation and they even share the same building. There are also some interesting quotes regarding purgatory and a string of numbers. It's a fun book regardless of whether or not you follow LOST on TV. Finally, I can't help but wonder- since Sawyer read all but the last ten pages of the book, will he use anything he learned from the book when he is being held by The Others?

note: read this article about a book that grew from a late night radio show

Bad Twin (Unabridged)
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