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LOST.COM Creative Writing Contest

   Where do ideas come from? Does a writer sit in front of a typewriter and wait for inspiration or is the process somehow different? Stephen King may be giving us a hint when he writes the following:
   he was going to sit here for fifteen minutes or maybe half an hour looking at nothing but a cursor flashing in darkness; then he was going to turn the machine off and have that drink.
  Except he had seen something funny on the way home from lunch with Charlie, and it had given him an idea. Not a big one. Just a small one. After all, it had only been a small incident. Just a kid pushing a shopping cart... but there had been a cage in the cart, and in it had been a rather large furry animal...
  he started wondering where that kid had come from, where the shopping cart had come from, and most of all where the skunk had come from...
  He turned back to the word processor and wrote fast, almost bludgeoning the keys...

  Hyperion Publishing has sent more copies of Bad Twin and now everyone has another chance to win a copy. The contest is simple. Just look at a picture and write a short LOST related story or story snippet and email it to podcast@lost.com in a special postcard format. The inspiration and tools for the project are found by clicking here. Address the messagehop post card to podcast@lost.com Send your correct name and mailing address in a separate email. Many of the good entries will be featured on the web site. The contest ends on July 31 August 15 at midnight GMT. Feel free to enter the contest as many times as you like. Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged. NOW EXTENDED TO AUG 15, 2006 - send in entries!
David Lynch on little ideas and big ideas

Javier Grillo-Marxuach on combining two ideas into one story
Javier Grillo-Marxuach