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Bad Twin Book Contest Number 1

Jay Norwich wins the contest!!

We have a winner - within seconds Jay in Norwich, Connecticut posted the answer. Jay will receive the book Bad Twin via USPS Priority Mail. Details on the next contest will soon be posted! The next contest will start soon so keep your eyes on this web site. The next contest will be of a different nature and will involve some creative LOST fun. Thanks again to Jay in Connecticut, who wins the first LOST.COM lightning- round contest!

  The accepted answer: Harold Perrineau. The Matrix Revolutions

original contest message:

  Recently, I was contacted by Hyperion regarding book contests and giveaways for the LOST related book Bad Twin. I will be receiving more books in the future, but for now the first contest is very very simple. Name the LOST actor on the right and the name of the movie also pictured on the right.   Many of you know his name, but can you spell it? :) The first answer I receive in my mailbox with the correctly spelled first and last name along with the name of the movie in which he appears will receive a free copy of the book Bad Twin (shipped worldwide) and a mention on this web site. Emails should be sent to podcast@lost.com

  The movie is known with more than one title. Either one of them will be accepted.
Please download Java(tm).
Bad Twin - promotional copy of book