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Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof announce the Summer LOST Experience!


  According to the March 28 Official ABC Podcast, the LOST story will actually continue throughout the summer by way of the LOST Internet Experience!
  While answering a question regarding the Hanso Foundation's web site, Carlton Cuse made the comment that when the web site is back up it will be awesome! Lindelof continued with spectacular! Considering the groundbreaking pilot episode, might there be a groundbreaking web site? Here's more from the podcast:

Cuse: In fact, we are actually... we're gonna kinda let you guys in on a secret. We're involved on a project which is going to involve the internet, that is going to start in May.
Lindelof: in May, but you're gonna have to watch the show and not just the show, but what happens in between the show.
Cuse: between the acts of the show.
Lindelof: fairly carefully in order to sort of begin the path on this... what we're calling an experience.
Cuse: and this internet experience will actually be launched during one of the shows in May and will be a pathway that will lead to a lot of information about the show that we're not going to get to on the show but it's not just a sort of ancillary...
Lindelof: Yeah, it's not behind the scenes stuff either, it's like...
Cuse: It's real mythology.
Lindelof: It's kinda good cool story telling.
Cuse: (overlapping) cool story telling, yeah
Lindelof: and
Cuse: which hopefully is going to in some degree satisfy the need for new material on LOST over the summer. I mean, you know, during the period of time when the show is down before we start the next season, we are actually going to be telling some LOST stories.

The Official LOST podcast: Mar. 28th, 2006
  Presenting Part II of an interview with actor Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley. Also, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse present a special feature in which listeners can vote on the official podcast theme song. Plus, fan questions are answered...
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