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Posted 02-11-2010 at 11:08 PM by 3d-aholic
Updated 02-21-2010 at 02:56 PM by 3d-aholic

I'm going to start a list of predictions and add to them as time evolves. I will be hanging out on some of these predictions because knowing how the writer is going to write something...well it could go more than a few ways. However, I'm doing it mainly so I can check my error rate in the end.

1. Sawyer meets Juliet: Sawyer will meet Juliet for the first time in the Parallel timeline and Juliet will suggest they get together for coffee sometime.

2. Objects loosing magic properties: Objects on the island will continue to loose magic with Jacobs passing. We've already see the Temple waters loose their healing powers. We will begin to see other things that we counted on before as magical manifestations of the island start to no longer show their magical properties.

3. Desmond: Desmond married Penny in the parallel universe and is not doing any mystical time jumps on the plane as some believe.

4. The Others: The Ordinary Others, the Darmha Intiative, and the DI-Lite Others are all manifestations of the same Jacobian Philosophy and are all independent/autonomous groups operating in their mind towards what they believed Jacob wanted.

5. Danielle Rosseau: Danielle Rousseau was not infected with the "sickness" that Claire was infected with.

6. The first Cabin Scene: The first cabin scene was really occupied by Jacob and not anti-Jacob.

7. In reference to the sideways world: I believe the sideways world is not an either/or or alternative reality. It exists just as much as the one we have seen on the island exists. Hence the use of the word sideways by the writers. Both are multi-verses (MV) of themselves (Parallel universe if you like). I've held this belief pretty much since season 5.

I believe we will be shown that BOTH things happened and that WHH and TCC are both in fact true. As I have written in my other blogs, they have to both be true because one is the belief of Jacob and one is the belief of Anti-Jacob.

8. Graveyard...coming soon: We will see the graveyards of where all the 1977 losties were buried.
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