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Talk about your addictions and obsessions here
15 6 82 1
01:50 PM
This is a group for those who believe in free-will in LOST and/or real life. And thus, that history is changeable if/when people travel back in time and exert it. This is also a place for free-willers to feel free to discuss their latest efforts to feed on the souls of WHHers, or just somewhere were you can feel free to poke some fun at them (if they complain, just say you were forced to make fun of them by fate, you tried not to, but even though you knew what you were about to do you couldn't stop yourself, this must be someones past).
11 6 19 0
12:53 PM
In appreciation of the great tpbaxter, I thought we should have a sophomore club where we can have our own place to enjoy his kind of humour, hopefully without upsetting the grown-ups. ***WARNING *** The grown-ups are watching. What you say in here is no different to what you can say out there. *shrugs*
15 1 80 0
08:57 PM
That won't happen until Pigs Fly!!!
1 1 2 1
05:29 PM
If you don't know what WHH stands for you need to ask somebody or act like you know!
10 6 52 0
10:13 AM
Keeping the Weiser Watch alive until our hero the Jaymeister shows himself.
18 2 23 0
06:23 PM
Reading is fundamental!
17 6 41 5
03:54 PM
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