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Default Episode 17: The End

Here is your brief recap of the series finale, "The End." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

On the island: Locke's group:
- Finds Desmond with Rose and Bernard; threatens to kill them if Desmond doesn't go with him
- Meets Jack's group and treks to the bamboo forest together
- Lowers Desmond into the cavern to the heart of the island
- Desmond moves the stone from the pool in the cavern
- Jack discovers Locke is mortal now and he can be hurt
- Earthquakes rip the island apart and it starts to heat up inside the cavern
- Locke knocks Jack unconscious and runs away
- Jack and Locke fight on the cliff
- Kate kills Locke, and Jack kicks him over the cliff

On the island: Jack's group:
- Sawyer discovers Desmond is missing from the well
- Treks to the bamboo forest
- Meets Locke's group and continues with them
- Kate and Sawyer take the Elizabeth sailboat to Hydra island
- Jack, Hurley and Ben return to the heart of the island
- Jack sacrifices himself to return the stone to the center of the pool and stop the island's destruction
- Jack's body washes out of the cavern, and he stumbles to the bamboo forest
- Jack dies as he watches the Ajira plane fly away off the island

On the island: Alpert's group:
- Miles finds Alpert in the jungle and he's okay
- They paddle over to Hydra island to blow up the Ajira plane
- Discovers Lapidus alive in the ocean clinging to life preservers
- They decide to fly the plane off the island since Lapidus is a pilot
- Lapidus makes the necessary repairs and starts the plane
- Kate promises to help Claire raise Aaron, and Claire joins Kate and Sawyer
- Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Alpert, Miles and Lapidus take off in the plane

Flash sideways:
- Oceanic delivers Jack's father's coffin to the church
- Hurley shoots Charlie with tranquilizer and drops him off backstage
- Miles sees Sayid and warns Sawyer; tells him to check on Sun at the hospital
- Sun and Jin meet Juliet; Sun and Jin experience flashes of their lives on the island
- Hurley arranges for Sayid to meet Shannon; they experience flashes of their lives on the island
- Drive Shaft performs at the concert; Charlie sees Claire in the audience
- Claire goes into labor, and Kate helps her deliver baby Aaron
- Kate, Claire and Charlie experience flashes of their life on the island
- Juliet meets Sawyer at the hospital, experience flashes of their island life
- Locke wakes up from surgery and sees flashes of his life on the island
- Jack arrives late to the concert and talks to Kate
- Kate takes Jack to the church
- Jack speaks to Christian and experiences flashes of his life on the island
- Everyone meets inside the church and moves on together

[break] Okay, ladies and gentlemen. This is the final episode of LOST. Let's bring it home with an old school season one montage. No, not a montage -- it's an overture. We see the people we've come to care about over the last six seasons on the island and in the sideways -- moments that reveal who they are... who they were... who they could've been. Back and forth. Character to character.

Jack is in his office at St. Sebastian looking at Locke's x-ray. Then cut to Jack on the island kneeling by a stream, splashing water on his face. Newly anointed by Jacob.

Ben Linus at home in the sideways making a cup of tea. Then cut to Ben on the island, freaked out as he loads his rifle. He looks over his shoulder and sees --

Locke standing at the edge of the empty well focused on the rope someone used to help Desmond out. Cut to Locke in a hospital room lying on a gurney being prepped for surgery. As he's wheeled out of the room, his eyes fix on his wheelchair in the corner.

LAPD Detective James Ford washing his hands and looking at his reflection in the broken mirror. Cut to Sawyer on the island checking the dressing on Kate's gunshot wound.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to Kate in Hurley's Camaro in a black cocktail dress. Waiting. Desmond signs for the coffin and directs the Oceanic driver to unload it through the back church door. He gets in the Camaro, but Kate has had enough. He busts her out of jail, makes her put on the dress for some concert, and he won't tell her why they're there. Desmond interrupts her and says no one can tell her why she's there. And he's not talking about the church -- he's talking about here. Kate asks what he wants. Desmond says he's her friend and all he wants is to leave. Where? Desmond says he'll show her, and he drives off.

[break] [quote-left]WHOOOSH to the island. Sawyer asks Jack if he's the new Jacob. Jack nods and says he doesn't feel any different. Jack explains to Kate, Hurley and Sawyer that beyond the bamboo forest near their old camp is the heart of the island. It's a light, and he has to protect it. Hurley asks if Locke, or the smoke monster, wants to put the light out. Jack nods. And if he succeeds, then that's it for all of them. Kate asks why he hasn't done it yet, and Sawyer says because he doesn't have Desmond. He tells Jack to go on to the bamboo forest and he'll go get Desmond out of the well.

WHOOOSH to a seedy motel as Hurley pulls in and parks. He takes out a tranquilizer gun from the glove compartment and shows it to Sayid. None of this is ringing a bell? Sayid tells Hurley he's insane. Hurley asks Sayid to wait there. If he sticks with Hurley, he'll be happy he did.

Hurley gets out and walks up to a door. He knocks, and a drunk Charlie answers and tells Hurley to leave. He doesn't care about the concert. Hurley asks what if he said playing at this concert tonight is the most important thing Charlie will ever do, would he come then? Charlie thinks a beat and then tells Hurley to sod off. Hurley apologizes and then shoots him with the tranq gun. At the Hummer, Sayid turns around as Hurley dumps Charlie's body in the back. He asks what that was, and Hurley simply says Charlie.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to the well on the island as Sawyer arrives. Locke and Ben are there. Locke asks what Sawyer is doing there, and Sawyer says to rescue Desmond. He sees the rope and looks into the well. It's empty. Looks like somebody beat them to it. Locke asks if Sawyer knows why he's there, and Sawyer says he needs Desmond to destroy the island. Locke says he's absolutely right. But he's not going down with the ship like Jacob's candidates are. Sawyer says they're not candidates anymore. Locke reacts, understanding -- right as Sawyer elbows Ben in the face, takes his rifle and backs away into the jungle. Ben turns to Locke and says when he said he was going to destroy the island he thought Locke was being figurative. Locke tells Ben he's welcome to come with him on the boat. Because once he's made Desmond do what he needs him to do, Locke is going to sail away from this place and watch it sink.

[break] Cut to Desmond as he wakes up. Desmond is at Rose and Bernard's camp. Rose explains they built it in 1975, lived there a couple of years, then the sky lit up again. God knows when they are now. She says she doesn't mean to be rude, but once Desmond has eaten, she wants him to be on his way. They broke their rule for him -- their rule that they don't get involved. Whatever got Desmond thrown in the well is the drama that she and Bernard want nothing to do with.

But then Locke steps into their camp and tells Desmond to come with him right then or he'll kill Rose and Bernard. Rose tells Desmond he doesn't have to go anywhere with Locke. But Locke says he'll make it hurt. Desmond makes Locke promise he won't touch them ever. Locke promises, and Desmond says he'll do whatever he wants.

At the barracks, Miles tries to radio Ben but can't reach him. Miles has found Richard Alpert unconscious in the jungle and he's okay. Alpert wakes up and asks if Miles still has the C-4. Miles says yeah and asks why. Alpert says they need to go to Hydra island to finish what they started. They need to blow up that plane.

WHOOOSH to the museum backstage area as Miles parks his car and starts towards the VIP entrance when he suddenly sees Sayid in the passenger seat of Hurley's Hummer. He stops to get a better look, but Hurley drives off. Miles pulls out his cell phone and makes a few calls. Cut to Detective James Ford at his desk. Miles tells him he thinks he just saw Jarrah. There was only one witness left alive at the crime scene. A Korean woman with a gunshot wound. James says she's still at the hospital and will go keep her safe.

[break] At the hospital, Juliet comes into Sun and Jin's room. She's there to check on the baby. They look at her blankly, and she realizes they don't speak English. Juliet indicates the ultrasound machine and the jelly she needs to rub on Sun's stomach. Sun pulls up her gown... and as Juliet applies the jelly, something starts happening to Sun. Juliet places the ultrasound wand on Sun's belly -- and FLASH! Sun sees herself and Juliet in the medical station on the island as Juliet performs the ultrasound.

FLASH! Sun blinks. She turns to Jin and says she remembers. Juliet smiles and says there's their baby. Sun and Jin turn to the monitor -- and FLASH! Quick moments of Sun and Jin on the island, then -- FLASH! Jin reacts, and a dawning realization crosses Sun's face. She asks if Jin saw, and he can only nod. They are overcome with emotion.

WHOOOSH to the island as Locke, Desmond and Ben trek to the bamboo forest. As they enter a clearing, they see Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley on the other side. Suddenly -- BANG! BANG! BANG! Kate strides towards Locke firing slugs into his chest. You killed them, she screams. Locke is completely unharmed. He suggests she save her bullets and turns his attention to Jack. So it's him. Jack says yeah, it's him. Locke expected to be surprised. Jack is the obvious choice, isn't he? Jack says he volunteered. Locke assumes Jack is there to stop him, but Jack says he can't stop him. He wants to go with him. He knows Locke is heading for the far side of the bamboo forest because he thinks he can destroy the island, but Jack isn't going to let that happen. Jack is going to kill Locke. Locke asks how he plans to do that, but Jack says it's a surprise. Locke is undaunted and says okay, let's get on with it. They'll see which one is right.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to St. Sebastian hospital. Jack checks in with Locke before they start the anesthesia to see if he's okay. Locke asks if this will work, and Jack says he's confident it will. There's a chance that Jack could kill him, but he's trying to make him feel better. And it's a rare joke from Jack as he cracks a smile. Locke smiles and says let's do it. Then he asks Jack if they ever found his father's coffin. Jack says he got a call from Oceanic that morning. It might even already be in LA. Locke hopes it gives him some peace. Jack says if he can fix Locke, that's all the peace he needs.

Out in the hallway, Jack runs into Juliet and David. Jack has their tickets for the concert that evening -- and we realize Juliet is David's mom! That means Jack and Juliet were married in the sideways. Jack suggests they give his ticket to Claire. Juliet says sure. She's curious to meet this mysterious sister of Jack's. Jack tells Juliet she'll love Claire -- she's very pregnant. Juliet smiles and wishes Jack good luck for the surgery.

[break] [quote-right]WHOOOSH to Miles and Alpert as they reach the Dharma docks and untie an outrigger. Thunder rumbles, and Alpert says it's going to be a hell of a storm. Miles notices something on Alpert and says welcome to the club. Miles reaches up and plucks a hair off Alpert's head. Alpert got his first grey hair. Alpert reacts, emotional, realizing what it means and that he wants to live.

[quote-left]They get in the outrigger and paddle across towards Hydra island. Suddenly, they hit something and Miles reacts. It's the sub's captain. Then they hear someone shouting for help. They look over and see Frank Lapidus clinging to life preservers from the sub. Lapidus explains what happened and asks what they are doing. Alpert tells him they're stopping Locke from leaving the island by blowing up the plane. Lapidus asks them why they'd want to do that? If they leave, Locke won't have a plane anymore. Alpert asks how they're gonna do that? Lapidus says they'll fly it off this damn island. In case they didn't notice, he's a pilot.

[quote-right]As Jack's group treks through the jungle, Sawyer asks Jack what his surprise is for Locke. Jack says Desmond. He thinks Desmond is a weapon. They reach the edge of the bamboo forest, and Locke says it should be just Jack, Desmond and him. Jack agrees, and before he leaves, Hurley tells Jack that he believes in him.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to a street outside a bar where Hurley and Sayid wait. Sayid wants to know what they're doing there, and Hurley tells him to trust him. The doors burst open as a fight spills out into the street. A woman rushes out trying to stop it, yelling not to hurt her brother. She pulls her brother away, but this makes the bigger guy angry and he backhands her. Sayid doesn't even think -- he is out of the Hummer and across the street. He grabs the bigger guy's arm and drops him with a quick combo. He then crosses over to the woman to help her up, and it's Shannon! The moment they touch -- FLASH! A quick cacophony of images of the two of them from the island. FLASH! They stare in amazement, recognizing each other and falling into each others' arms.

[break] [quote-right]WHOOOSH on the island as Miles tries again to reach Ben on the walkie. This time Ben answers. Ben tells Miles not to blow up the plane -- Locke is going to destroy the island. Miles says Lapidus is going to fly the plane off the island, so everyone needs to get over there now. But then Claire steps out firing her rifle. Worried, Kate shouts into the walkie asking what's happening. Claire is afraid Locke sent them to kill her. Alpert explains they're not with Locke, but Claire doesn't believe them. Alpert says they have a chance to get off the island and go home, and he invites her to come with them. Claire considers it but then says no and walks away.

[quote-left]Locke leads Jack and Desmond to the stream that runs underground into the heart of the island. Desmond tells Jack that none of this matters. When he goes down into the light, he'll be in a place where everyone they've ever lost is alive again. A place where they can be with the ones they love and not have to ever think about the island again. Jack is there and seemed happy. They met on Oceanic 815, and it never crashed. Maybe Desmond can find a way to bring Jack to that place. Jack shakes his head and says there are no do-overs. What happened, happened.

[quote-right]Locke secures a rope to a tree and ties the other end around Desmond. They wade into the alcove and begin lowering Desmond over the rushing waterfall into the light. Locke asks Jack if it reminds him of anything -- Desmond going down into a hole in the ground, and maybe if there's a button there they could fight over pushing, it'll be just like old times. Jack turns to the thing in back of him and says he's not John Locke and he disrespects Locke's memory by wearing his face. Locke turns out to have been right about almost everything. And Jack wishes he could've said that to him while he was alive. But the Man in Black tells Jack that Locke was dead wrong. And when the island drops into the ocean and Jack along with it, Jack will finally realize it. Jack is undaunted and says they'll have to see which one is right. Then suddenly the rope goes slack. Desmond has reached the bottom.

WHOOOSH to the concert check-in area. Juliet, David and Claire are at the front check-in area when Juliet receives a text on her phone. It's the hospital. David understands and tells her to go ahead. Juliet promises to come back as soon as she can.

[break] WHOOOSH to the island. Desmond is in a cavern at the bottom of the waterfall. This is the heart of the island. It's loaded with stalactites and stalagmites, but most notably it is dominated by a shallow pool. The waterfall flows into the pool, and a small stream flows out of it. Desmond crosses to the pool, and he sees skeletons of people who have been there before him. There is a strong white light emanating from under the pool. The light is brightest at the center where a large oblong carved stone stands.

Desmond wades into the pool, and it activates. It begins to glow brighter and whiter. And a hum starts -- an electromagnetic hum. Rising electromagnetic forces buffet him like a gale. His nose starts to bleed. Desmond stumbles forward and reaches the carved stone. He hefts it up, and the water starts to quickly drain out of the pool. The waterfall stops, and the light goes out.

Desmond is confused. This isn't what was supposed to happen. Without water, smoke and steam begin to vent out of holes in the cavern. A red glow of molten activity begins to fill the cavern. Suddenly, the ground jolts with a small earthquake. The bombardment of electromagnetic energy has taken its toll and Desmond collapses to the ground and passes out. Just then... RRRRRUMBLE!

At the edge of the bamboo forest, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer and Ben react as the ground shakes. A tree collapses and falls down right towards Hurley! Ben shoves Hurley out of the way and is pinned underneath a falling tree.

[quote-left]Jack and Locke peer into the cavern as the light goes out completely. Locke smiles, very satisfied. He turns to Jack and says it looks like he was wrong. Jack's frustration and anger builds. He follows Locke out to the streambed and punches Locke in the face! And when he does, something very surprising happens -- Locke winces in pain and there's blood on his face. Jack realizes he can now hurt Locke! But before Jack can do anything -- Locke quickly picks up a rock and bashes Jack in the head. Jack staggers a few steps and drops. Locke takes off running, and Jack loses consciousness.

[break] WHOOOSH to the concert, Kate and Claire are surprised to discover they are seated at the same table. Desmond is there and smiles. Dr. Pierre Chang takes the stage and introduces Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft. As Charlie takes the stage and begins the number, he sees Claire in the audience. It's the woman of his dreams! A contraction hits Claire, and she makes her way to the bathroom. Kate follows her, and Charlie runs off the stage after her. Backstage, he finds Kate helping Claire, who has gone into labor. Kate sends him off to find water and blankets. Claire is scared, but Kate tells her they're going to get through it together.

The baby is almost there. Kate can see the head -- and suddenly it begins. FLASH! Images of Kate and Claire exactly in the same positions but on the island: Kate helping Claire give birth to baby Aaron. FLASH! Backstage, Claire gives birth to a perfect baby boy, and both she and Kate know what they saw. They understand. Charlie returns, and they definitely recognize him now from the island. Claire takes Charlie's hand -- and FLASH! Charlie jolts as if shocked. He sees their life together on the island. Kate looks up and sees Desmond watching. He smiles and asks if she understands. Kate nods and asks now what?

[break] WHOOOSH to the island and Kate, Sawyer and Hurley attempt to get the tree off Ben, but a temblor knocks them off their feet. It's getting worse. Miles radios in and tells them they have about an hour to get over there. Ben says he knows how they can get there -- Locke has a boat.

Jack regains consciousness and takes off after Locke through the jungle. Below the cliffs where Locke took Sawyer down the ladders to the cave is a cove where Locke has the Elizabeth moored. But before Locke can scramble down to it, Jack catches up to him -- and he's angry. Locke sees Jack, and even though he's mortal now, there's no fear or hesitation in him. He unsheathes his knife from his scabbard -- and the storm breaks. Rain sheets down. It's time for their reckoning -- and they run at each other!

[quote-right]It's a brutal fright. They battle it out as it rains, and Locke loses the knife at one point. He scrambles for it, but Jack gets on top of him and starts choking the life out of Locke. Locke grasps the knife and SKLSSSH! Plunges it deep into Jack's side. Jack is bleeding bad. Locke easily flips Jack and swings the knife down towards Jack's throat. Jack catches his arm and stops him, but not before he's cut in the same exact spot as the cut that seems to keep coming back in the sideways. Locke says he wants Jack to know he died for nothing --

[quote-left]But KAA-BLAM! A loud shot rings out, and Locke is jerked upright then falls over. There's a hole in his shirt where blood trickles out. Kate stands in the distance holding a rifle with fierce determination. She tells Locke she saved him a bullet. Jack climbs to his feet, but Locke says they're too late. Jack looks at Locke with pure hatred and kicks him over the edge of the cliff. Locke's body soars through the air and lands on the rocks below, bent and twisted at the bottom of the cliff. The Man in Black, the smoke monster -- the worst thing to happen to our people -- is dead.

[break] [quote-right]WHOOOSH to the hospital post surgery. The nurse sees that Locke is waking up and tells a surprised Jack. He tells Locke not to move, but Locke says the surgery worked. He can feel his legs. He wiggles his toes -- and FLASH! Locke sees the same moment on the island after the crash. He starts to cry and asks if Jack saw it, but Jack didn't. Locke tells Jack they need to go and asks Jack to come with him. Jack says Locke's not going anywhere. He just had extensive spinal surgery. Plus, Jack has to meet his son -- but Locke tells Jack he doesn't have a son. Jack is upset by this, but he doesn't understand why it upsets him. He starts to leave, and Locke says he hopes someone can do for Jack what Jack did for him.

WHOOOSH to the island as the rain stops. Sawyer, Hurley and Ben join Kate and Jack on the cliffs. Another huge tremor shakes the ground. Locke is dead. It's over. But Sawyer points out it doesn't feel like it's over. Kate doesn't understand why it hasn't stopped. Jack realizes that whatever Desmond turned off needs to be turned back on. But he warns them if it doesn't work, they need to leave on the plane. Kate says no, Jack should come with them and let the island sink. But Jack says no, he can't.

[quote-left]Sawyer can get the boat across to Hydra in time... and they say their good-byes. Sawyer and Jack shake hands, and Sawyer thanks Jack for everything. Neither man would have survived without the other, and they know it. Hurley tells Jack he's going with him. Jack protests, but Hurley says it's his decision and he's going. Ben gives his walkie to Sawyer and says if the island's going down, he's going with it.

[break] [quote-right]Jack tells Kate to go and get Claire on that plane. Kate asks Jack to promise her she'll see him again, and Jack just looks at her. He can't promise her that, and she knows he won't lie to her. She kisses him. A deep, long, romantic and tragic kiss because they both know it's good-bye. Kate tells him she loves him, and Jack says he loves her. Then our heroes go their separate ways -- Kate and Sawyer along the cliff's edge, and Jack, Hurley and Ben back into the jungle.

[quote-left]On Hydra island, Lapidus examines the newly welded metal plate he's just installed on the co-pilot's side of the plane. It seems pretty solid. He resets the electronics and sees an error light of the hydraulics. He tasks Miles to check it out. Sawyer radios to Lapidus not to leave without them. Lapidus radios back that they're getting off the ground while there's still ground to get off of -- so they better hurry.

WHOOOSH to the hospital as James makes his way to the vending machine. The candy bar he wants gets stuck, so he sticks his arm up into the machine to coax it out. Juliet comes around the corner and catches him. He shows her his badge. She's amused and says maybe he should read the machine its rights. She gives him a hint -- unplug it and plug it back in. The candy will drop out. Sawyer unplugs the machine, causing the lights to short out. Oops. Juliet reaches in and grabs the candy bar for him, handing it to him. And when their fingers touch -- FLASH! They see images of their life on the island. Both now remember everything. Overwhelmed that they have found each other again, they fold into each other's arms and kiss.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to the island as Jack, Hurley and Ben hurry back to the cavern. Jack tells Hurley he's going down alone, but Hurley won't let Jack die. Jack says he's already dead. Hurley says Jack is supposed to protect the island, and Jack tells him that's what he's doing. But Hurley says the island needs him. Jack says no, the island needs Hurley. The protector needs to be Hurley. It was only supposed to be Jack so he could do this.

Hurley says he'll do it but only temporarily. As soon as Jack gets the light turned back on, Hurley's pulling Jack up and giving it back to him. Jack knows that this is Hurley's only way of dealing with it and that he's really saying good-bye, so Jack says it's a deal. They look around for something to drink out of, and Ben hands them a plastic Oceanic water bottle. Jack smiles and says it's perfect. Jack fills it with water from a dry puddle in the stream and Hurley drinks from it. Now Hurley is like Jack.

[break] [quote-left]On Hydra island, Kate and Sawyer find Claire sitting on the beach staring off into nothing. Kate tells her to come with them, but Claire says she's not going anywhere. The island made her crazy, and she doesn't want Aaron to see her this way. She doesn't know how to be his mother. Kate tells her no one does at first. Kate will help her -- Claire's not alone. They'll do it together. Claire agrees, and they run towards the plane.

Lapidus starts the plane's engines -- it works! He rolls the plane back and turns it around. Lapidus is ready to take off when Sawyer runs out in front of it flagging him down. Lapidus sees him and hollers back to Miles and Alpert that they have some late arrivals.

[quote-right]At the alcove, Hurley and Ben gently lower Jack down to the bottom of the cavern. The pool now casts a red glow with heat radiating from the hole the rock once plugged. Jack crosses over to Desmond, who's lying on his stomach not moving. Desmond says he put the light out, but it didn't work. He says he has to put it back. It was like a drain. Jack says he'll do it. Desmond says it'll kill Jack, but Jack insists. Desmond has suffered enough. Jack tells him to go home to his wife and son.

WHOOOSH to the concert. It's late by the time Jack arrives. Kate is there and tells Jack it's over. He asks where he knows her from, and says she stole his pen from him on Oceanic 815. It's another reference to that flight, and Jack is confused. That's how he knows her? No, Kate says. That's not it. She touches his face -- and FLASH! He sees images of them kissing on top of the cliffs. Shocked, Jack steps back from her. And while others have accepted these moments of remembering, Jack is scared. Confused. Unsettled. He doesn't understand what's happening. Kate says he will if he comes with her.

[break] WHOOOSH to the cavern as Jack picks up the stone and drags it over to the hole. Jack cries out in pain but does not let go. He finally reaches the hole and slides the rock into place -- and nothing happens. The island trembles -- it's going down!

[quote-left]On Hydra island, Kate, Sawyer and Claire are helped inside. Miles says way to wait until the last second. Sawyer is glad to see him, too. They strap in as Lapidus revs the engines to their full power, and they take off, climbing into the sky and leaving the island.

In the cavern, Jack feels a drop of water hit his forehead. He looks up. A trickle of water feeds into the cavern. And then more water and more. The pool begins to fill -- and the reddish glow becomes increasingly whiter. Jack smiles because the light is back on! As the light in the cavern gets brighter and brighter, the electromagnetic forces begin to buffet Jack. He is consumed by the water and light -- washed out by its sheer brilliance.

[quote-right]Hurley and Ben pull the rope up, hand over hand, and realize they have Desmond! Jack is gone. Then it hits Hurley -- it's his job now. What is he supposed to do? Ben says he'll do what he does best. Take care of people. He can start by helping Desmond get home. But Hurley says people can't leave the island. Ben tells him that's how Jacob ran things. Maybe there's another way. A better way. Hurley asks for Ben's help. He could use someone with experience. Will Ben do it? Ben is touched and says he'd be honored.

[break] [quote-left]WHOOOSH to a Los Angeles church. Ben is sitting outside on a bench as a cab pulls up. The cabbie pulls out a wheelchair from the trunk, and Locke swings out and into the chair. He wheels over to Ben and asks if everyone is already inside. Ben says yes but there's going to be a couple of late arrivals. Then Ben apologizes to Locke for everything he did to him. He was selfish and jealous and wanted everything Locke had. Ben is going to stay there a while. He has some things he still needs to work out. Locke says he forgives Ben if it helps, and Ben says yes, it does. Then he says Locke doesn't need that chair anymore, and Locke stands up and walks into the church.

Hurley comes out and tells Ben they're all inside. Ben says he doesn't think he's going in. Hurley tells Ben that he was a really good number two. Ben says that Hurley was a great number one. Hurley goes back inside as...

[quote-right]...Jack pulls up in his truck with Kate. She asks if he knows where they are. It's where he was going to have his father's funeral, Jack says. Why did she bring him there? Kate says because it's where he was going to have his father's funeral. She tells Jack he can go through the back. She'll be waiting inside.

Jack goes inside and sees his father's coffin. He's affected by the sight of it. He crosses to it to open it -- and the moment his fingers touch it -- FLASH! Images from the island wash over Jack. He stumbles back from the coffin and he remembers. Everything. He opens the coffin, and of course it's empty. Then behind him his father says hello. Jack turns toward the voice. He's not surprised or startled. He's confused. Christian died. Christian nods and says yes, he did. It takes Jack a moment to put it together, but then he realizes he died, too. Jack asks if Christian is real, and his father says he hopes so. He's real, Jack is real. Everything that ever happened to Jack is real. And everyone in that church is real, too. Jack processes the implications of that. They're all dead? Christian says everyone dies. Some of them before Jack. Some of them a long time after him. Jack asks why they're there now, but Christian says there isn't any "now" here. This is the place they made together so they could find one another. The most important time of his life was the time he spent with those people. No one does it alone. Jack needed all of them, and they needed him. For what, Jack asks. To remember, and to let go. To move on. Jack asks where they're going, and Christian says let's go find out.

[quote-left]Jack enters the church and sees the most important people in his life. Rose. Bernard. Sayid. Shannon. Boone. Sun. Jin. Claire with baby Aaron. Charlie. Desmond. Penny. Libby. Hurley. Juliet. Sawyer. John Locke. Kate. They're all happy and filled with peace, love and excitement. Locke says they've been waiting for him, and they all take their seats in the pew closest to the aisle, one behind the other -- like in an airplane. Christian comes in and walks down the aisle to the front doors. He opens them, and they church is bathed in light. White light pours in, getting brighter and brighter, and we push in closer and closer on Jack until he's overwhelmed by the light...

[break] WHOOOSH to the island as Jack's body is washed out of the cavern by the stream. He's still alive but bleeding badly. He staggers to the bamboo forest and lies down. He hears something and turns to see Vincent run over to him, just as he did the very first day Oceanic 815 crashed on the island. Jack stares up through the swaying bamboo and hears something else. Distant. Up in the sky. And then he sees the Ajira plane climb higher and higher. Jack watches as it flies away.

He smiles. The plane is gone, finally free of the island. Jack Shephard has done what he came to this place to do. He has found his purpose. He has found love. And been loved. And he has finally found a way to love himself. The bamboo sways across the blue sky. And Jack Shephard's eye closes one final time. He is gone.

The end.

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