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A LOST Halloween - Part 1 - the Henry Gale Costume

originally published June 25, 2006
  There is a very good podcast interview with Michael Emerson available from Comic News Insider. It's a great interview- funny with some revealing information regarding the making of LOST. One of the funniest moments came when Emerson brought up the subject of kids and Halloween costumes: The best compliment I've gotten lately... was a friend of my wife's called to say that her son was going as Henry Gale for Halloween... to me, what could be better? We're going to send him a little picture of Henry for reference purposes: the torn orange shirt, the arrow bandage...

  So, really! What would we need for a Henry Gale costume?

(1) Torn orange shirt - check Salvation Army thrift stores, closet
(2) gauze bandage - easy!
(3) fake scratches - see instructions here! - reference photo here
(4) fake bruises - see instructions here!
(5) box of Cheerios with Dharma logo - got any milk?

   With Season 3 starting in October, we should have plenty of little LOST characters collecting lots of candy. Jack (with squirt gun, intense look, eyes pointing in different directions): OK Sawyer - give us the candy!