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The Reverend Jody Hicks Sings About The Hatch!

Jody Hicks
John Locke in The Hatch
Snakes on a Plane

  I recently received an email from the world famous recording artist Jody Hicks of Burbank (aka The Reverend) who has recently recorded a very emotional and moving song about the Hatch, the relationship between John Locke and the Hatch, and the deeper meaning of life itself. :)

listen carefully:

dig some more before I go
  I wish I had a hoe

Hatch! You need me! I need you!
  to push a button or two!

  The incredible full length recording can be heard by clicking here, then immediately clicking "Hatch" on the song list.

   if I looking for frog... him name is hopkin green frog...