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  Can fans of the TV series LOST actually help to design the upcoming Large Hadron Collider which is soon to become the world's largest particle accelerator? Incredibly, the answer is yes and it is as simple as clicking here and installing a very interesting screensaver. It isn't an ordinary screensaver, of course. It is part of a distributed computing project that simulates how particles will travel through the nearly 17 miles of the Large Hadron Collider or LHC. The results of the calculations which run on your computer are used to precisely calibrate the magnets that control the particle beam. Of course, the final results are that we are not only closer to solving the riddles of the universe, but we get a really cool screensaver too!

LHC@Home News

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 LHC Screensaver for LOST.COM

Update:LOST.COM has a team at Einstein@Home (search for gravity waves/ pulsars) click here for Einstein@Home - huge work units available. LOST.COM is already very high in the team rankings. Click here if you are already using Boinc with another project (LHC, etc).


  Inside the CERN LHC Tunnel
  Particle Event (flash animation)