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Libby’s Story So Far Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

   And all of this was obviously, first and foremost, the idea that Libby’s got this mysterious backstory, of which we've only given you the tip of the iceberg.
- Damon Lindelof in an interview with Michael Ausiello

   Of the many things we can look for in Season 3, certainly one of them will be the Libby story and how it fits in with the events of Season 2. In the finale, we saw that many elements from previous stories had another side to them. When we first saw a despondent Locke pounding on the hatch after Boone's death, we had no idea that there might be a despondent Desmond inside the hatch who found hope the moment that he heard someone alive outside the hatch.
   If we look at some of the loose ends in the current Libby story, we see some interesting possibilities. In the finale episode, we saw her first meeting with Desmond and she told him her story about her husband, David, who was planning a trip to the Mediterranean in his boat, but became sick and never made the trip. Is it a coincidence that Hurley's imaginary friend was named 'Dave?' Could Dave be Libby’s David? Are there coincidences in the LOST universe? Why did Dave encourage Hurley to jump from the tall cliff? Was he jealous of Hurley's new relationship with Libby? Did David/Dave die in the same hospital that Hurley was in and did David's death drive her to the asylum? She began to cry when telling the story to Desmond, so certainly he meant quite a lot to her.

  If that isn't enough to convice you that there will be more to Libby’s story and even David's story in Season 3, consider the whispers that were clearly heard in the moments before the dart attack from 'the others.' The whispered name was very clear this time. It was 'E L I Z A B E T H !!'