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The LOST-LYMON Connection

  Revenews has an interesting article about Sprite's ad campaign and the LOST connection. Take a look at one of the new Sprite ads - very unusual! The Lymon, of course, dates back to the seventies.

  If you go back to the subLYMONal web site, be sure to try the passwords Persephone and 108. Entering 108,for example, gives you a DJ Dan broadcast. DJ Dan is played by LOST writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach. Here's an excerpt from the broadcast:

[tape being played on show]
DJ Dan: "So, uh, then what are the possible applications of this research?"
Interviewee: "Pretty much, we were asked to simulate an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to knock a space-borne body out of its recurring orbit."
DJ Dan: "Uh, space-borne body. Like what, exactly?"
Interviewee: "Like, the moon."
[Tape ends.]
DJ Dan: "Okay, that's nutty even for me. But apparently it wasn't for them. This stuff is happening folks, open your eyes. DJ Dan, shutting down the man."
Obey your thirst!

link: Click for Revenews article