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 West of the Rockies: call 928-202-3009
 East of the   Rockies: call 928-202-3009

The Upcoming Experimental LOST.COM Podcast

  I have enjoyed a lot of TV shows over the years: The Prisoner, Star Trek, Airwolf, Twin Peaks, Sliders, Stargate and now LOST. LOST is something that is possibly unique in television history. It has won awards for drama. It has a huge fan base that loves both the characters and the mysterious island story and it has a writing team that operates very well together and even talks to the fans. I am a fan for all of the above reasons.

  Now, I'd like to try creating a podcast. Years ago, I worked at a radio station doing production work in a studio filled with antiquated recording equipment from the 40s and 50s. Since, the station also played music from the same era it was like going back in time every week. It was a blast! I no longer have access to the studio, but I am fascinated with the idea of creating a podcast with computers, some production software I have yet to purchase, some fan created music, and voicemail from LOST fans. At the moment, I am interested in discussing similarities between LOST and any other TV shows, books and movies. Last night, I watched a movie called Paycheck and was amazed to see two interesting connections to LOST. If you've seen the movie, be sure to call and leave a message for me to let me know what you think. If you have seen the TV Series 'The Prisoner' let me know if it reminds you of LOST in any way. Since this first podcast is an experiment - call and say anything you like about LOST. If you are a musician, let me know if you have created any music that you would like me to include in the show. Call the above number to leave a message - wait for it to ring several times, then the message that says you have reached 'Digital Depot,' then leave your message. If you have recorded your message as an mp3, ogg or other audio file, send it to podcast@lost.com.

  Thank you very much!