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Retrievers of Truth

  Retrieversoftruth.com is the latest LOST Experience website as of today (June 7, 2006). It was announced during ads on both Boston Legal and LOST. This one was a real surprise: psychic yellow lab retrievers!
  I think they may be trying to tell us that Vincent (a yellow lab) may be a very important character on LOST. By an incredible coincidence (are there really any coincidences in LOST?), the webmaster is named Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé. Signing up for the newsletter gives you another clue: a porter by the name of Mandrake Wig. Look up some of the anagrams for that one!

UPDATE: On THE LOST BLOG - we are told that entering the word porter in the email box on retrieversoftruth.com leads to a secret page (subjugated by the Hanso Foundation is seen in place of supported by the Hanso Foundation) with some interesting messages/clues regarding suspicious activities connected to the Hanso Foundation. It also mentions another web site called richerdeeperbroader.com.