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Michelle Rodriguez on Leno on March 8

 Cats like to do their thing.    


  Editor's note: I almost missed this show! I didn't know she was going to be on until I saw it. If it wasn't for the special camera in my left eye, I wouldn't even have any screen caps.

Michelle Rodriguez quotes from the show:
On living in Hawaii: It's great! I love it!
On mysterious island noises she hears: Cats like to do their thing.
On spiders: Did you know that Daddy Long Legs is the most poisonous spider of all the spiders? ... They can't penetrate through human skin... but they could kill you if they could! (See Tim Allen reaction - 2nd from left - bottom row)
on LOST reruns when Tim Allen asked if there was a fresh show tonight:: Let me guess! We're getting some complaints about the reruns... I will let them know.

Excellent show!