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Anthony Cooper - Widmore Connection?

  Lior has written us with a new clue that points to a connection between Widmore and Anthony Cooper. Is the website connected to ABC? Hmmmm... Here is Lior's note:

Widmoregroup.com may be a fan site - or maybe not. Here is the whois lookup. The administrative contact is listed as dghbrown@sympatico.ca who is also the contact for globespotter.com and pb-sales.com. Interesting sites, but possibly just connected to a really big fan. Read more about the maze of sites here: Lost Studies. The Director of Sales and Marketing at Widmore looks suspiciously like the twin of... hmmm... Damon? Damon Lindelof!!! Reading the privacy policy, however, tells us that:
Disclaimer: WidmoreGroup.com is not affiliated with ABC / Touchstone TelevisionŠ or Walt Disney Internet Group